mobile jib


The Jimmy Jib is a triangular crane system which uses an arm supporting a camera at one end and a counterweight at the other. The crane can swing from the ground to the cranes maximum reach of 40ft and can swing 360 degrees. The camera attached can pan, tilt and zoom, all operated by one person and whilst swinging, giving unlimited camera angles and therefore expensive looking shots at a relatively low cost. It’s compact and lightweight construction means the Jimmy Jib can be rigged in some of the most challenging locations and in a short amount of time, making it a fantastic piece of equipment to have on your shoot.

The Jimmy Jib is rigged in sections and can be built to reach between 4.5 ft and 40ft.


High Definition Monitors, Bespoke Double Sided Head for increased camera stability and accurate balancing, Batteries and Inverter for field use, 3 Wheel Base with Studio or Multi-Purpose Wheels, Specialist Off-Road 4 Wheel Base with Pneumatic Wheels.
Also available to hire along with standard kit (additional charges apply):
7” Prompt monitor, Stanton Jimmy Jib Straight Track, Specialist 8 Wheel Tracking Wheels, Bespoke 4 Wheel Tracking Base, Dutch Head Jib, Gator.
For full technical specifications of the Jimmy Jib please refer to or call Dave to discuss your production requirements as he is much more useful than a drawing!


Having worked for 31 years in the television and film industry, Dave has vast experience of what it is like working on location, including working in extreme conditions and challenging environments and he takes heath and safety very seriously. Dave holds an up to date BBC safety passport and produces a risk assessment for every job.

The equipment is tested annually under LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and Dave is fully up to date with regards to the current regulations and guidelines implemented by the Health and Safety Executive.

As a limited company, David J Brice Ltd has public liability insurance up to £10 million, as well as employers & equipment insurance.